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K-line Ag

Sustainability Statement

Our Commitment

K-Line AG, a division of CNH Industrial, is committed to the pursuit of sustainable practices across our operations.

Following the lead of our global parent company, CNH Industrial, we are progressively implementing measures to reduce energy consumption, limiting the use of fossil fuels in favour of electricity generated from renewable sources.

K-Line’s production plant in Cowra, NSW, is now powered by renewable energy following a significant investment in rooftop solar technology. This generates 178,136 kilowatt hours per year of solar energy, significantly reducing CO2 emissions and decreasing our carbon footprint.

We also continue to implement sustainable processes such as stringent material handling and waste management principles, designed to minimise material use and also reduce wastage sent to landfill. Our leftover steel and co-mingled waste products are carefully sorted and recycled, while broken timber pallets are repaired for re-use or offered to staff to take home and up-cycle. Waste paint is sealed and sent to a management facility, and waste oil is recycled.

K-Line Ag recognises the vital importance of creating a circular product lifecycle. We aspire for resources to be used fully and for as long as possible, and for products and materials to be recovered and regenerated at the end of their service life.

Under the guidance of CNH Industrial, a global corporation with 70 manufacturing plants and 59 R&D centres operating in 180 countries, K-Line Ag continues to progressively identify and implement strategies and practices to minimise the environmental impact of our operations.

As a rural-based manufacturer of machinery and tools designed for use in primary industries, we witness at first-hand the growing impact of climate change upon primary production, whilst also learning more about its effects from our customers.

Like our parent company, CNH Industrial, we are committed to make a meaningful difference by our own actions in the global effort to halt the effects of climate change.

In 2021, CNH industrial and its network of affiliated producers of farming equipment, heavy machinery and trucks, spent US $48 million on environmental protection measures, and invested US $705 million in developing sustainable products.

It also achieved an 8.5% cut in energy consumption (versus 2020 per hour of production), monitored 73% of its key suppliers for CO2 emissions, recycled 51% of water used, and sold 30% more engines powered by cleaner-burning natural gas than the previous year.

In 2021, CNH Industrial was included for the 11th consecutive year in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices World and Europe, achieving the highest score from 126 companies assessed within the Machinery and Electrical Equipment industry.

CNH Industrial also embraces all 17 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and has committed to the following strategic sustainability targets by 2024:

  • 50% cut in CO2 emissions (versus 2014, per production unit at company plants)
  • 80% of total electricity consumption derived from renewable resources
  • 100% of new products to be developed using sustainability/recyclability design criteria
  • 95% of waste recovered at company plants worldwide

Together, the aspirational goal for CNH Industrial and its subsidiaries and affiliates, including K-Line Ag, is to become carbon neutral across the entire global operation, and to promote environmental efficiency across all processes and products.