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The ultimate direct drill seeding machine

Engineered to suit farmers looking for a direct drill seeding machine with options to suit your needs. Ideal for 200-250 HP tractors, it's the ultimate direct drill seeding machine.

Options to suit your farm needs:

  • Multiple row spacing options
  • Coulters
  • Press wheels or harrows
  • Single or Double spring tines
  • Pull mount or rear trailing
  • Small seed box for cover cropping
  • Scatter plates


  • Ideal for direct drill or conventional farming operations
  • No escort needed for road transport
  • Suitable for small paddocks

"Ideal for 200-250 HP tractors"

"Suited to either direct drill or conventional farming operations"

"Designed and engineered for farmers, by farmers"

    • Narrow transport width (3.5m)
      • Ideal for narrow roads and gates
      • Suitable for small paddocks
      • No escort needed for road transport
    • Optional row spacings
      • 5inch (125mm)
      • 6inch (150mm)
      • 8inch (200mm)
      • 10inch (250mm)
      • 12inch (300mm)
    • Optional pull mount OR rear trailing air seeding system
      • Use existing trailing seed cart or gas tank in combination with CropCadet bar
      • Can be optioned with an additional small seeding system, for cover cropping
      • Dual chute for deep banding fertiliser
      • Large 3000L seed bin - less time filling
    • Option to be fitted with coulters/press wheels
      Suited to either direct drill or conventional farming operations
    • Tine offering can be single or double spring (400-600 pound breakout)
      • 600 pound - Ideal for direct drilling operations
      • 400 pound - for conventional seeding
    • High underframe
      Allows better flow of residue/trash through machine
    • Australian made
      Made by Aussie farmers for Aussie farmers and built strong to last long.
  • CropCadet®

    ModelDescriptionOperating WidthNo. Tines / Tine SpacingHP
    SG60TCropCadet Seeding Bar6.125M49 / 125MM294-392
    CropCadet Seeding Bar6.15M41 / 150MM246-328
    CropCadet Seeding Bar6.2M31 / 200MM186-248
    CropCadet Seeding Bar6.25M24 / 250MM150-200
    CropCadet Seeding Bar6M20 / 300MM120-160
    SG70TCropCadet Seeding Bar7.375M59 / 125MM354-472
    CropCadet Seeding Bar7.35M49 / 150MM294-392
    CropCadet Seeding Bar7.4M37 / 200MM222-296
    CropCadet Seeding Bar7.25M28 / 250MM168-224
    CropCadet Seeding Bar7.2M24 / 300MM144-192

    These specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

  • For small farmers, utilising a narrow-transport seeder like the K-Line CropCadet® when drilling grazing crops in pasturelands and forage paddocks provides additional benefits.


  • Product® Brochure

    CropCadet Brochure

    Operating Manual

    CropCadet® Operating Manual

The ultimate direct drill seeding machine

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