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A breakthrough in trash and stubble management

The advanced design of the Trashcutter lays the stubble to one side and then slices the stubble with self-sharpening discs into short lengths.

Traditional mulching methods leave stubble lying on the ground’s surface, making it extremely prone to wind erosion. By using the Trashcutter, more stubble crown remains in the soil which becomes a barrier for shielding cut stubbles. This is the key for retaining your stubble and minimising wind & water erosion.

How the k-line TrashCutter® system works

Due to the fact that the Trashcutter simply cuts & drops, stubble & residue are left evenly distributed over the ground’s surface. This is very important for increasing trash flow through seed drills.

A unique advantage of the Trashcutter is its adjustable disc angle and down pressure, which can be altered for different applications including:

  • minimal soil disturbance in zero-till operations
  • cutting stubbles
  • shallow tillage for chemical incorporation and light weed control

The K-Line TrashCutter® System has been extensively developed by K-Line Agriculture in conjunction with agronomists and farmers requiring a better system for stubble management.

Stubble retention leads to increased microbial activity; resulting in improved retention of moisture, reduced fertiliser requirements and increased carbon content of soil.


  • Self-sharpening discs
  • Adjustable disc angle
  • Narrow transport width
  • Lay-bar system


  • Simple, fast and efficient
  • Low horsepower requirements
  • Minimal soil disturbance
  • Even distribution of trash
  • Low wind erosion
Finance available on this machine from 2.99%

"Improves moisture retention, reduces fertiliser needs & increases soil carbon content"

"Breakthrough technology patented in Australia & Internationally"

"Designed and engineered for farmers, by farmers"

    • Self-sharpening dics on 130mm spacing

      Sizes residue into shorter lengths, increasing decomposition and seed drill trash flow

      Excellent for cutting through medics (or Medicago), clovers & viney weeds

    • Lay-bar System (patented)
      Lays the stubble to one side, maximising the superior cutting action of the self-sharpening disc
    • Low Horsepower requirements – 15hp/m*
      Efficient & easy to pull, minimizing fuel costs
    • Hydraulic disc gang adjustment coupled with accumulator system
      • On the run adjustment (down pressure) for maximum cutting action
      • Accurate contour following
      • Ideal for rough, undulating terrain
    • Simplicity of design
      Low maintenance, easy to setup and reduces time in the field
    • Heavy-duty bearings
      Increased bearing life, low maintenance, minimal downtime
    • Narrow transport width
      Easy road travel
    * Approximately – varies with soil conditions and operating speeds
  • Trashcutter®

    CodeDescriptionWidthHPNo. of Discs
    2740TCH40' Trashcutter12.2180- 26098
    2760TCH60' Trashcutter18.3230- 350143

    These specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

  • TrashCutter® Options

    Adjustable disc angle

    When operated straight
    • Minimum soil disturbance, excellent in zero-tillage applications
    • More stubble crown remains in the soil, key for stubble retention & reduced erosion
    When operated angled
    • Gives ability to do a shallow working of the soil, encouraging germination of weeds for maximum spray-out before winter seeding (running it angled)
    • Excellent for application of pre-emergent chemicals
  • TrashCutter® Brochure

    TrashCutter® Brochure

    Operating Manual

    TrashCutter® Operating Manual

Simple, fast and efficient with lower horsepower requirements

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