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The answer to your soil compaction issues

K-Line Ag’s range of Deep Rippers are designed to shatter sub-soil compactions with minimal disturbance to the upper or surface layers of the soil, efficiently combatting your compaction issues. K-Line Ag’s Deep Rippers will benefit plant growth while creating excellent opportunities for an even crop and high yields.

To get to the root of sub-soil compaction issues, farmers increasingly turn to minimally-invasive deep ripping strategies using K-Line Ag’s specialty tools, strategically planning their tillage every 4 or 5 years in an otherwise no-till system.

The MaxxRipper® offers ground-breaking performance to maximise yields, with deep ripping tines breaking up compacted soils to a depth of 600mm, while the LightningRipper busts hard pans & keeps the moisture in, with less horsepower requirements and minimal soil disturbance. The ThunderRipper® addresses current issues in many farming operations by stimulating plant development, nutrient and moisture entry and the accumulation of organic materials.

  • "Shatter sub-soil compactions with minimal disturbance"

  • "Made to bust hard pans & keeps the moisture in"

  • "Designed and engineered for farmers, by farmers"

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