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31’ Speedtiller Powerflex

31’ Speedtiller Powerflex®

By K-Line Ag
Published on
The newest addition to the ever expanding range of K-Line machines is the 9.5m (31’) Speedtiller Powerflex®. This is the second size available in the Powerflex® configuration.

Following the tremendous success of the 12m (41’) Powerflex®, the K-Line Research & Design team busily worked on this smaller machine – which was released to the market early this year after passing its final testing with flying colours!

We delivered the first 9.5m Speedtiller Powerflex® in early March to a local farmer, who did 4000 acres with it in the first 2 months. Pictured above, the Powerflex® demonstrates its exceptional ground following ability as it goes through a sharp contour. Designed to hug the ground no matter what the terrain, the farmer gets an even finish the whole way across the paddock!

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Australia’s K-Line Ag Officially Launches U.S. Company and New Speedtiller® Powerflex®

By K-Line Ag
Published on

Australia’s K-Line Ag Officially Launches U.S. Company and New Speedtiller Powerflex® at National Farm Machinery Tradeshow, Louisville

K-Line Ag, global leader in agricultural machinery and technology, announced their official launch to mainstream dealerships of its subsidiary company in North Dakota and its newly designed Speedtiller Powerflex® in the United States, the latest innovation in its Speedtiller® line. To mark its U.S. market debut, the K-Line Ag subsidiary company will be present at the National Farm Machinery Tradeshow, February 15-18, in Louisville, KY to discuss the unveiling of the Speedtiller Powerflex®.

K-Line Ag has been present in the US and Canada since 2012, with machines being successfully trialled and proven in field and now in operation throughout the country. With the official launching of this operation, K-Line Ag now offers its state-of-the-art equipment to the North American and Canadian farmer and dealership markets.

“As a family of farmers, we not only understand the agricultural industry from first-hand experience, but have a deep-rooted passion for it,” said Bill Larsen, Director of Sales and Marketing at K-Line Ag. “By opening a U.S. operation and continuing to manufacture industry-leading equipment such as the Speedtiller Powerflex®, we hope to revolutionize the farming industry and make tilling more efficient for farmers worldwide.”

The new Speedtiller Powerflex® is the award-winning flagship of K-Line Ag and incorporates highly advanced and field-proven features with the existing Speedtiller advantages. This dual-purpose machine was designed and built for superior performance in all soil types and conditions, allows for maximum weed-cut, a smoother field finish, and more consistent sizing and incorporation.

Equipped with 31 separate 24-inch discs, the Speedtiller Powerflex® is designed to accommodate the needs of large-scale farmers and custom operators seeking efficiencies in today’s challenging agricultural environment. Ideal for sizing, mixing, and incorporating high residue crops in corn, beans, and cereals, the Speedtiller Powerflex® features a heavy-duty disc arm for a maximum digging capacity of up to 348 pounds per disc, power down wings, and rubber suspension rollers with dual float and fixed working modes. The dual operating mode allows the tiller to operate in Full Float Mode for undulating fields and terrace following, or Non-Float Mode, allowing the tiller to go further in soft, wet, or sandy soils.

Some of the key advantages of the Speedtiller Powerflex® include:

  • Unique ability to vary disc and roller pressure on the go
  • Handle greater range of diverse soil types
  • Increased digging capacity – digs like an offset in hard soils
  • Far superior performance in soft, wet, or sandy soils
  • Less machine damage in rocky soils
  • Proven for heavy trash incorporation
  • Simple machine setup with hydraulic on-the-go adjustment

About K-Line Ag

A family-owned and operated company, K-Line Ag was founded in 1993 by Richard Larsen and is the leading global manufacturer of agricultural machinery and technology. Headquartered in Australia, the company manufactures heavy duty lines of farm machinery, including Speedtillers, Trash Management equipment, CropCommanders, Harrows & Bars, Turf Mowers and Hay Rakes.

In 2012, the company established a subsidiary company in North Dakota, thus making its high-end machinery accessible to farmers in the North American and Canadian markets. Under the direction and leadership of the Larsen family, K-Line Ag has transformed from a two-person company in 1993 to a market-leading international business in 2016.

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Digging Deep: Post-Harvest Residue Management vs Harvester Management

By K-Line Ag
Published on

Harvesting of the nation’s winter crops is drawing to a close and what a phenomenal season it has been for the vast majority of growers in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia – for those in the eastern states it’s in stark contrast to the past few years.

While record crop yields are being celebrated across many regions, such a bumper harvest presents its challenges though with such dense and bulky crops prompting questions around management of the dense stubbles in next year’s crop paddocks. Would post-harvest tillage have been the better management option this season? Did the use of our header to mulch our heavy stubbles slow us down and create greater timing pressure?

There’s no doubt more farmers are turning to post-harvest tillage, enjoying the benefits of better soil quality and water storage capacity, and when it comes to getting the job done K-Line Ag’s Speedtiller Powerflex® is proving a popular choice.

So, what does it do?

The Speedtiller ® is a high-performing, dual-purpose disc-tilling machine, that saves time and money with efficient seedbed preparation, effective weed control and excellent stubble incorporation, all in the one operation. With the Speedtiller Powerflex ®, K-Line has raised the bar again, with the unique ability to vary disc and roller pressure on the go, an increased digging capacity and superior performance in soft, wet or sandy soils.

How can it benefit me?

Using a header for harvest residue management comes with numerous issues: loss of harvester capacity by as much as 50% and up to a 6% increase in yield loss during harvest; increased wear and tear on an expensive piece of machinery; uneven residue spread; a high amount of ground cover increasing frost risk the following year; potential for increased pest activity; weed control challenges; and a higher fire risk.

In contrast, tillage lifts soil for less compaction resulting in an improvement in soil quality, a reduction in erosion and potentially higher yields. Multiple functions can be performed in the one operation, there’s increased microbial activity due to soil/stubble contact, harvest yield loss is minimised, frost risk is reduced, and pest control is greater.

The Speedtiller Powerflex ® offers superior performance in all soil types and conditions, and is particularly suited to heavy trash incorporation. So, whether tillage practices are already part of your operation, or you’re thinking about incorporating it into your cropping schedule, what’s the best choice of machinery for maximising tillage benefits and boosting your business bottom line?

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Tillage Titans Unearth Innovation in Yarranlea Showcase

By K-Line Ag
Published on

STAG Machinery Group, with locations in Toowoomba and Dalby, organised the demonstration day to help local farmers make informed decisions about soil preparation for the coming months. Branch manager Michael O’Hara emphasised the renewed importance of tillage equipment in light of recent seasonal conditions and expressed their eagerness to demonstrate the capabilities and performance of K-Line Ag products to their customers.

K-Line Ag, an Australian-based CNH Industrial company celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, has built a reputation for manufacturing high-performance tillage equipment. Their products, which include compact discs, rippers, and trash-cutters, are produced at their Cowra, NSW facility and sold both nationally and internationally. At the event, K-Line Ag displayed their TrackAttack®, MaxxRipper® and Speedtiller® Powerflex models, demonstrating their prowess in the field.

In a powerful partnership, K-Line Ag’s innovative tillage equipment was showcased in conjunction with Case IH tractors, including the 310 Magnum, 400 Magnum and 500 Steiger models. The collaboration demonstrated the seamless integration of K-Line’s machinery with the powerful and reliable tractors from Case IH, highlighting the potential of these products to significantly enhance the operations of local farmers.

  • Tillage Titans Unearth Innovation In Yarranlea Showcase 002

  • Tillage Titans Unearth Innovation In Yarranlea Showcase 003

  • Tillage Titans Unearth Innovation In Yarranlea Showcase 004

  • Tillage Titans Unearth Innovation In Yarranlea Showcase 005

  • Tillage Titans Unearth Innovation In Yarranlea Showcase 006

  • Tillage Titans Unearth Innovation In Yarranlea Showcase 007

The demonstration day took place at a property on Yarranlea Road, off the Gore Highway, and lasted several informative hours from 10am to 2pm. Throughout the event, attendees were able to get up close and personal with the cutting-edge machinery and engage with experts from K-Line Ag, Case IH and STAG Machinery Group. The interactive nature of the day allowed farmers to gain valuable insights into the suitability and performance of the equipment for their specific needs.

As the day concluded, it was evident that the tillage equipment demonstration was a resounding success. Attendees left the event with a deeper understanding of the advancements in tillage technology and the benefits they could bring to their agricultural operations. The collaboration between K-Line Ag, Case IH and STAG Machinery Group resulted in an educational and engaging day for all involved, leaving local farmers eager to put their newfound knowledge to use in the field.

The Yarranlea demonstration day was a triumph for K-Line Ag, Case IH and STAG Machinery Group, solidifying their status as leaders in the agricultural machinery industry. The event not only showcased the latest in tillage technology but also strengthened the relationship between these companies and the local farming community, setting the stage for continued innovation and collaboration in the future.

If you were unable to attend the demonstration day or would like to arrange a personal demo of the advanced tillage equipment, we encourage you to reach out to K-Line Ag directly or contact your nearest K-Line Ag dealer. This is a unique opportunity to experience the benefits of their cutting-edge machinery firsthand and make informed decisions for your agricultural operations. Don't miss out on the chance to revolutionise your farming practices with K-Line Ag and their exceptional range of tillage equipment.

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