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Getting Up to Speed with a Speed Disc

By K-Line Ag
Published on
21 January 2018

Like all successful business people, farmers and contractors understand the need for their investments to supply adequate financial returns while also providing non-monetary value in improving the efficiency, speed, operation or other aspects of their business. Identifying investments that overlap in the financial and operational rewards categories can net big gains for farms of all sizes.

One such implement with multiple value propositions for the modern farmer or contractor is the K-Line Speedtiller®. When compared against other speed discs for sale from other manufacturers, the quality of design, the benefits of use, and the durability of the construction are second to none.

Soil Improvements

Speedtillers are designed to function with single-pass operations under a variety of paddock conditions and with special consideration for soil conservation. Operators can shift the implement’s weight forward and back to adjust to special paddock conditions (undulating fields or contours) or soil needs (variable pressures for soft, wet or sandy soils). This variability means operators can use a Speedtiller® in conditions where other implements fall short – in non-wetting soils, after heavy rains, when converting pasture or fallow to tillage, or even in some frozen conditions following snow or frost.

The Speedtiller’s® variability is part of what makes its usage ideal for conserving soil. With its purpose-built trash management controls, the Speedtiller® provides protection for soils against wind and water erosion by allowing for better soil residue integration. The entire implement provides better trash flow to the field because of its active torsion system and custom-designed disc arm. These features mean the Speedtiller® keeps rolling when other machines might be hung up on trash or surface debris. As it rolls down the paddock, Speedtiller’s® angled discs undercut the soil, lifting it to alleviate compaction issues and to provide greater sub-soil moisture retention.

Operational benefits

The Speedtiller’s® most immense cost savings come from having one high-value implement doing the work of two. The disc’s dual-purpose design, featuring a two-gang disc followed by an on-board roller for soil finishing, eliminates the need for a separate disc and finisher – one Speedtiller® does it all!

Fuel usage is another category where the Speedtiller® shines. Because it combines two machines into one and requires just a single pass to complete most tillage tasks, the Speedtiller® can reduce fuel consumption 2-3X for some uses. Similarly, the implement’s large footprint and ability to toggle between a full float and non-float mode means it adjusts to the soil needs in that locations, saving fuel on fields where a deeper till isn’t needed.

The Speedtiller’s® unique design features are meant for harsh conditions and difficult soils, but they’re also designed with frequent, heavy use in mind. The Speedtiller’s® engineering provides low long-term cost of ownership for the machine while also helping owners manage the time and personnel costs of daily and seasonal maintenance needs.

By combining operational savings with intrinsic benefits of use to the soil and conservation practices, the K-Line Ag Speedtiller® brings impactful cost savings to farm operations.