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Planning ahead now for soil improvements

By K-Line Ag
Published on
19 August 2020

Unlike in other states, grain growers across the wheatbelt of WA have been faced with another dry start to their cropping season. The August Rabobank Australia Monthly update shows that both Geraldton and Esperance have had rainfall lower than the same 3 month period (May to July) in both 2018 and 2019[1].

However, in August, Geraldton had a fall of nearly 25mm on 9 August and Esperance have had nearly 80mm to date in August. While this has improved the soil moisture profile and will help crops along into Spring, the Relative root zone soil moisture[2] across the region still remains below average. Shown below.

So How Is This Affecting Farming Decisions?

While the crops are in and growing, farmers are mulling over their management plan for next season and what they can do to further improve productivity, efficiencies, and soil health to optimise every drop of rain they receive next season.

Bill Larsen, the Director of Sales & Marketing at K-Line Ag has been talking with farmers across the region. “The dry seasonal conditions in WA have meant farmers are even more determined to re-evaluate their soil improvement techniques. They are progressive and always considering new management practises and methods that will help improve yields.”

The K-Line Ag range has become very popular across the WA Wheatbelt. They are Australian made and continually evolving to meet the demands of the various soil types and farming industries. The machines of particularly high interest to WA grain growers are the new large Speedtiller Powerflex® models, Rippers and the Wheel Track Renovators.

‘One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to soil improvements. We’ve had growing interest from farmers wanting both a MaxxRipper® and a Speedtiller Powerflex®. These farmers tend to have non-wetting soils, a light sandy soil on top with clay deep down in the profile. They are experiencing good results in soil structure and production levels, by first ripping and then cross passing with a Powerflex. The Powerflex leaves the clay nicely incorporated through the top 10cm of soil, rather than in big clay clods, thereby improving both soil structure, water retention and crop yields.

The large Powerflex® models weigh between 7.5 tonnes and 22.5 tonnes and have between 50 and 125 discs operating at any one time. The newest addition to the range of K-Line machines is the 15.5m Mammoth Powerflex. This model is particularly well suited to the large scale farming operations of the WA grain growing regions.

Not often can you buy the one machine that serves so many purposes. The Speedtiller Powerflex® by K-Line Ag is your answer to chemical resistant weeds, residue management and incorporation, soil structure improvement and seedbed preparation.

Above: Neil Streat, Salesperson at Codemo Machinery standing in front of a 15.5m Speedtiller Powerflex®

The other tool of choice that is seeing great results across the region is the K-Line Ag Trackattack®. Popular among controlled traffic farmers who have started to notice compaction and rutting along wheel tracks in cropping paddocks.

K-Line Ag has developed the answer to these tram-line maintenance issues, with the Trackattack® – a simple but effective unit designed to level wheel tracks. It leaves the track smooth when working in trash, kills any weeds growing on the track edges, and leaves an even, level tramline, which is important to ensure GPS equipment maintains consistency.

K-Line Ag continues to drive ahead with innovation in farm tillage machinery by listening to and acting on the needs and challenges faced by Australian farmers. “When producers are faced with new challenges and pain points we like to work along side them to develop the tillage and seeding machines that meet their requirements.” said Bill.

If you have any questions about the K-Line machinery range or would like to discuss it’s application on your property, CALL K-LINE ON 1800 194 131 or visit your local K-Line Dealer