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CropCommander®: Giving You the Command You Need!

By K-Line Ag
Published on
04 August 2017

Working in the field may entail dealing with nuisances that hinder your work. We have toiled, however, with farmers and agronomists so that you will not have to on your next reseeding. Our extensive research has led us to the development of precision farm equipment, a seeding system that lets you finish the job in one pass: the CropCommander®.

The CropCommander® combines three farming systems: precision seeding, deep fertiliser banding and soil disturbance for root development. Here we will share how these systems can benefit a farm, and how the CropCommander® allows you to regain control of your farming.

The Power of Precision

Precision seeding gives farmers the benefit of reduced seed costs because of the more efficient use of seeds. Since the planting depth and spacing is more uniform in this system, there is greater crop uniformity. Farmers have higher chances of getting uniformly high quality produce, taken with fewer harvests. Giving plants optimum space for growth and development can increase yields. Another benefit is that this system saves you from or at least reduces the need for thinning.

Promoting Root Development

The adequate level of soil disturbance can help with the development of roots. Cultivating the soil mixes its surface and promotes the breakdown of the soil’s organic materials. This, in turn, promotes mineralisation, providing more plant-available nutrients. Healthy root development is then encouraged, and the emerging plant is enabled to consume the available nutrient.

Protecting Seeds from Burns

Band application is also called starter application for a reason; it is the ideal system for seeding. Setting the right distance of the fertiliser from the seed protects it from seed burn. Banding supports plant development as it places phosphorus, a much-needed mineral in plant development, easily accessible to the emerging plant’s root. This system lessens phosphorus and potassium fixation. Also, weeds’ access to the fertiliser is lessened as the fertiliser is positioned for the crops’ access.

While the work needed for a great yield does not end at seeding, the CropCommander® saves you from arduous labour and sets you on a good start. The coulter manages trash, the tines set the soil for fertilising and seeding, and the press wheel covers the seeds. With just one pass, you are ready for the next step of growing your crops.


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