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Releasing our Latest Model: 8.25m Powerflex!

By K-Line Ag
Published on
03 February 2020

The newest addition to the ever expanding range of K-Line machines is the 8.25m (27.06’) Speedtiller Powerflex®. This is the fifth size available in the Powerflex® configuration. it is ideally suited for the high end front wheel assist, 300 horse power+ tractor range of 8.25m giving it a true 8m working width, excellent for 8 row cotton configuration.

Powerflex Advantages

  • Selective Dual Mode Weight Transfer System
  • Comes complete with wing land wheels giving it excellent contour following in uneven terrain
  • Heavy duty tillage tool for most tillage applications
  • Fill a niche for the 350 horse power front wheel tractor range
  • Quick Adjust Lateral Disc Positioning
  • Proven Extreme Duty Disc Arm & Hubs
  • Roller Shock Protection

Tried & Proven

It’s been successfully trialed and has passed in-field testing with flying colours. Click below to watch the video of the 8.25m Speedtiller Powerflex®.