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The Future of Farming: Why it is Important to Upgrade Farming Equipment

By K-Line Ag
Published on
09 August 2017

Farming processes continue to develop with increasing rapidity. Pre-history farming involved seeding, tilling and harvesting done by hand. However, agriculture would develop different kinds of farming tools to aid the farming process. Hand tools like machetes, mattocks, hoes, shovels, rakes and shears were some of the many tools that aided farmers.

The industrial revolution ushered in an age which would allow for agricultural vehicles powered by steam. These heavy machines came in all shapes and sizes depending on the farming tasks they had to do.

K-Line Ag sells advanced farm machinery in Australia that makes farming processes easier and faster than ever before. The farm machinery combines advanced engineering with innovative design, which makes them durable enough to withstand the harshest conditions. Upgrading your farm machinery with the latest technology is truly advantageous.

Farm Productivity

K-Line Ag promotes enhanced methods to ensure your farming processes are efficient. Our CropCommander® is a seeding system that features precision seeding, deep fertiliser banding and soil disturbance for root structure development. Having three different processes in one machine makes farming quicker and easier.

Stress-free farming

Our comprehensive farm equipment makes farming processes more comfortable for you. You can achieve sustainable farming practices with our Trashcutter systems. These are low maintenance farm machines that are easy to set up. Their functions include cutting stubbles, minimising soil disturbance in zero-till operations and providing shallow tillage for chemical incorporation and light weed control.

K-Line Ag ensures that farmers receive advanced agri-tech solutions to sustain their farming practices. We care for farmers, and we have a passion for change and bringing innovative solutions to the farming industry.

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