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Product Launch: K-Line Ag ThunderRipper™!

By K-Line Ag
Published on
09 September 2019

Introducing... the ThunderRipper

The team at K-Line Ag are pleased to announce the official launch of the ThunderRipper™! Featuring optional tyne spacing to suit your operation and soil type, the K-Line Ag ThunderRipper™ is a lighter, cost-effective ripper, built to shatter compacted soils and improve root penetration.

Watch the 2 minute video below!

What are the Features of the ThunderRipper™?

The K-Line Ag ThunderRipper™ has a variety of advantages to help address current issues in many farming operations. Features include:

  • Heavy duty tynes with a shear-pin system
    These tynes rip to a depth of approx. 450-500mm. They reach deep into hard pans to break up & lift soils, allowing room for plant development, nutrient & moisture entry, and accumulation of organic materials
  • Adjustable knifing roller
    Excellent for one-pass operations, this roller fluffs and conditions the soil, breaking up any clods left by the tynes. This provides a conditioned soil profile for excellent moisture penetration and retention.
  • Optional depth gauge wheels
  • 680mm underframe clearance
  • Multiple configurations available to suit your operation!
    The ThunderRipper™ comes in 3 Point Linkage, Trailing Rigid and Trailing Folding models, with operating widths from 2.5-6m.

What is the difference between the THUNDERRIPPER and the MAXXRIPPER®?

The ThunderRipper™ is a lighter and cheaper alternative to the K-Line Ag MaxxRipper®. It requires significantly less horsepower due to its reduced weight and shallower ripping depth. Ideal for most commercial farming and grazing operations, the narrow transport width makes for faster road travel and easier accessibility on the farm. It also features a wider range of tyne options. Models range from 5-13 tyne, compared to the 7, 9 or 11 tyne MaxxRipper® models currently available.

Has it been tried and tested?

It sure has! As with all K-Line Ag machinery, the ThunderRipper™ has been successfully run in several applications over the last 6 months. It passed with flying colours, and so we’re super excited that it’s now officially on the market!

Maximise your yield potential!

Interested in maximising your yield potential? Get in touch with our sales team on 1800 194 131, to find out more about the ThunderRipper™ and how it can help your operation!